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Client Testimonials

We were very impressed with your sitter. She babysat for our 13 week old son, and, as soon as we met her we felt at ease.  She came across as very "hands on" and immediately attentive to our son. What a great babysitter!!
Todd,Little Rock

The sitter did a GREAT job!  Very professional and the kids loved her!  I was so impressed with all the time she spent with them on different projects (art, the plants, reading books, etc.) - they love that attention!
THANKS so much for everything!
Kristie,Little Rock

I just used your service as our first baby sitter and the sitter did a wonderful job.  I am requesting her again because, when I asked my son how she was, his respond was " Mom she is awesome!!!!" It takes a lot for my son to be happy with the baby sitter and when he told me that I was very happy.
Jennifer,Little Rock

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